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The Amanda Armstrong Group

For over eleven years, Amanda Armstrong has established herself as a leading Realtor among an outstanding group of top-producing advisors at Engel & Völkers By the Sea and among a handful of realtors on the North Shore who have achieved the highest level of sales performance year after year.

Amanda has long been known for the tireless direction and warm support she provides to her clients across all price ranges, and for her skillful pricing and negotiating skills. And now she is taking her commitment to excellence to a next level by assembling a team of talented professionals who share her dedication to the highest standards of client care and performance.

To be known as The Amanda Armstrong Group, her team carries the hallmarks of her own business--a clear vision of success and an unflagging work ethic--and adds a collective wealth of experience and skills and first- hand knowledge of every community north of Boston. Team members Charleen McCarthy, Jeff Hubbard, Ashling Reilly and Maria Rogers are all longtime North Shore residents who complement Amanda in reflecting the region’s values of hard work, good humor, resilience and helping their fellow citizens and neighbors.

Jeff spoke for the others in summarizing the synergy created by the new team: “Amanda is an inspiring leader who sets the tone for all of us with her sunny, never quit attitude. And like her, we are all real and warm and honest people who prize and respect the human relationship with our clients--but that is also why we believe in the need to base our market strategies on hard-eyed analysis of real data, not lazy or unfounded assumptions, because we never want to misinform or mislead our clients. Basically, we see ourselves as elite in our commitment to high performance, but not in our choice of clients or price points--and we take pride in knowing that sets us apart in a market where brokerages are separated by which segments they care to pursue.”

Amanda herself notes that her team is honored to be part of Engel & Völkers, perhaps the world’s premier brokerage today, and determined to perform at the highest level within E&V By the Sea. “I formed this team for one reason only--because my own experience has shown me that you can be successful and also hold onto  your values, and that being consistently clear-eyed, forthright and diligent can go a long way toward overcoming market fluctuations. This group of individuals has what it takes to be very successful, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to support their success.”